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One of the main reasons why homes don’t sell is due to poor marketing. As a seller, it’s crucial that you thoroughly research the marketing plan of your real estate agent before choosing them. If you find that the real estate agent you hired doesn’t do enough to help you avoid a potential mistake, or you have difficulty finding a suitable buyer for your home, it might be time to look for someone else.

Before marketing your house, ensure it’s in its best condition. This will allow potential buyers to see the property in its best light, feel at home, and envision themselves living there. Once you hire a real estate marketer, they should get to work on staging. This step can make or break the sale of a home, even in a seller’s market. With an average expenditure of 1% of the selling price dedicated toward staging, 3/4 of sellers experienced an ROI of 5% to 15%.

A professional photographer should accompany your real estate agent. Although you may be tempted to do it yourself, blurry or poorly snapped images of your house may cost you more than anticipated. Prospective buyers have an eight-second attention span, so establishing a good first impression is crucial. You can also promote high-quality photos on various marketing platforms like social media.  

After capturing a potential buyer’s attention with your photos, you need to create a listing description to help them understand what your home offers. This concise, informative description should showcase your property’s various features. Avoid repeating traditional, bland information such as the square footage or the number of rooms. Instead, focus on the unique details, such as the rain shower and the Koi pond you have maintained for the last two decades. High-quality content is vital to ensure your listing stands out in search results.

According to a study, people spend over 116 minutes daily on social media. People look at the usual big players like Zillow and RedFin but also visit real estate group sites and individual social media profiles on Instagram and Facebook. Aim for maximum visibility by cross-posting and linking to your property whenever possible.

When it comes to pricing, an appraiser can estimate home value. Your agent will use the data collected to develop a list price that is within your expectations. Avoid getting carried away by the idea of overpricing. This approach could end up costing you a sale.