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Home design and furniture trends periodically change, much like fashion. Looking ahead to 2023, there are a few differences to watch out for.

Our home size will continue to be significant in 2023, with an emphasis on larger-scale furnishings that can accommodate more people and fulfill more functions. The kitchen may be the house’s social hub, but true relaxation occurs in the living room. This space has to fulfill several functions, from family game days to intimate movie evenings, and preferably look lovely while doing so. Other areas have evolved to serve more than one purpose, such as home office closets or basement gyms. Experts predict that the standard living room arrangement will be obsolete by 2023. The more conventional living room designs of the past, such as a couch with two identical swivel chairs or a matching sofa with a set of table lamps, will no longer be used. Filling the space with that formulaic arrangement will seem less exciting. People will make room for stand-alone furniture pieces that stand out.

There will be a shift in living room color schemes, as well. Warm, relaxing blues, peachy tones, and chic beige provide a backdrop to help furniture pop. Accent chairs with unusual details and surprising color combinations in fabrics will be focal points. 

The curved architecture look of arched doorways will continue trending. Likewise, curved chairs, sofas, circular pillows, and other accessories will be more prominent. Natural components like wicker, marble, and rattan will remain paramount and highlighted by accent lighting. Lamps will take on more of an aesthetic role than a functional one. 

Green living will continue to trend among consumers and designers in 2023 with exceptionally environmentally friendly, sustainable materials. Natural wood treatments are becoming more and more popular as people look for items with little to no effect on the environment. There will also be a focus on more straightforward, more polished designs. Clean lines and subdued hues are becoming popular as individuals want to make their homes seem more serene.

Comfy furniture will still be crucial in 2023. Comfort has become increasingly important when choosing the ideal seats for any room since people will continue to spend more time at home. Comfort will be vital in interior design after altering our lifestyle and working from home or having a hybrid flex schedule. Shopping for functional goods that are both fashionable and comfy will remain popular in the next year.