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As technology grows, so should a property management team. While it may seem daunting at first, incorporating new mobile and other technologies into CRM designs helps. Not only does it increase satisfaction for both tenants and managers, but it also reduces costs.

Gradual Changes

There’s no secret to incorporating cloud-based CRMs and virtual tours into a property management office. In the end, these changes must be performed gradually. Throwing everything to the staff at once will cause problems.

First, they will feel overwhelmed. Second, confusion and frustration will surface as they attempt to catch up. Third, productivity will go down. Combined, all of this means loss of rental income.

More Productivity

Conversely, if property management offices are eased into the technology, there’s a good chance they’ll see the benefits. Surveys reveal over forty percent of employees feel more productive when new technology is introduced.

More Customer Resources

These benefits aren’t simply for the property management team. In general, new technology greatly increases the satisfaction of potential and existing renters. Incorporating items like virtual tours and cost calculators into fast-operating websites can convert curious viewers into potential customers.

Again, this is done gradually. In the first phase, the potential renter views floor plans and other information on the website. When their interest is piqued, they move to the second phase of visiting the management office for a real tour and pricing information.

The benefits continue for the renter. Technology allows them to set up direct deposits for their monthly payments. They can schedule a service call through an application instead of submitting a paper request. Should they want to reserve a common area for an event, technology can allow them to view the calendar to see what time is available.

Investment Costs?

The cost of this new technology depends on what is purchased. Custom software programs will price higher over cloud-based CRMs and other applications the management team can design themselves via drag-and-drop modules. In addition, training might be required to get everyone up to speed prior to the launch of the product.

Overall, property managers need to gauge the skill sets of their existing staff as they start to consider new technologies. Doing so lessens the impact and keeps all parties happy.