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Being a landlord would be an easy gig if everyone was a dream tenant. However, this is sometimes not the case and it can be a real nightmare being a landlord. When faced with a bad or horrible tenant, there are a few tips to follow on how to deal with them in a civilized manner.

Always Be Rational

The last thing you want to do is fly off the handle because this will only make things worse. Instead of being angry and irrational, more can be done when you approach the situation calmly. When dealing with a bad or difficult tenant, you will see more results when you take a more rational approach. Only then will the tenant be more receptive to reason.

Have Everything on Record

When dealing with a bad tenant, the best thing you can do is keep a written record of everything. By having a record, you’ll have viable proof if there ever comes a time to finally kick them off the property. When inspecting the property, be sure to take pictures and videos of everything to build your case.

Show Your Side

The bad tenant may become more receptive to reason when you tell your side of things. Especially in this day and age, everyone will only see things one-sided, even if they are clearly in the wrong. Have an honest conversation about where you as there landlord are coming from in a calm manner. This way there is a better chance of them changing their behavior so you won’t have to spend time looking for a new tenant.