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The oldest trick in the book for nailing an open house was fresh baked cookies in the oven. Nowadays, as a property manager, you have to do a lot more. In order to appeal to prospective buyers or renters at an open house, you’ve got to make a real effort. Here are a few tips and tricks for having an awesome open house:

Freshen the Landscaping

First impressions are very important, especially when selling or looking to rent out a house. One of the best ways to give a great first impression of your property is by freshening up the landscaping. Beyond this, it’s also a good idea to have a new coat of paint on the exterior, buy a new mailbox, clean up the driveway, and have the cars keep clear.

Detailed Clean

After a first impression comes to the second impression. The outside of the property should reflect the inside as well. When buyers or renters walk in, they could be immediately turned off if it’s messy. Make sure the interior is pristine and be sure to take the extra time to sweep, dust, and vacuum. 

Use Multiple Listing Services

In order to better your chances, it’s best to reach out to as many prospective buyers as possible. A great way to reach more people is by using multiple listing services, real estate portals, and Craigslist. It’s also helpful to spread the word by using social media to reach a wide audience. There is no wrong way to get your listing out there. 

Keep to the Background

It could be tempting to want to tell everyone who comes up to your open house all about the property and why it’s so great. This can easily make them feel overwhelmed and not fall in love with the property. The best way for them to grow attached or a liking to the property is by letting them explore for themselves. Of course, still, stay around to answer any questions they may have but try not to bombard them.