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As a property manager, it’s always important to look for new ways to make your property more valuable and profitable. This increases your cash flow and your good-standing as an investor. However, not many know there are very simple and easy ways to maximize your property’s value:

Making Small improvements

When it comes to properties, a little can go a long way. Small improvements to the home or building you own can dramatically affect the property’s value. If you’re not ready to do an entire remodel, consider replacing old faucets, changing light fixtures, replacing doors, or upgrading the furniture. This can make a property seem much more up to date and modern.

Add More Efficiency 

Many buyers prefer a home with an abundance of efficiencies. This means energy conservation features, double-paned windows, enhanced attic insulation, LED lighting, or even a solar-paneled roof. These simple upgrades can make the value of the property soar and become much more desirable to future buyers.

Think Low-maintenance

It is a simple fact that people will prefer a property they will have to put less time into. By fixing major components such as the furnace, water heater, plumbing, or the roof, the value will increase tremendously. Doing these improvements for them before selling will make the property more valuable. Even easy fixes like replacing stained carpet can go a long way.

There is no need to do a major flip on a property to make it more valuable. Small changes can make it a better and more valuable property.