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Proptech, known as property technology, is expanding in the U.S and will improve the real estate market. Startups are developing this tech, and as a result, more real estate investors, landlords and property managers have more access to tools than ever. Proptech includes services or products for home sellers or buyers, building management, smart-home devices, marketing, construction, and office management. Here are a few of the tools available that can help you generate more income and receive bigger returns on investments. is based in Portland, Oregon, and is an online service that allows landlords to digitize their rent interactions with tenants. Collecting rent online, screening tenants, market listings and tracking maintenance requests, Cozyco makes things simple for landlords and renters. One of the best things is that it is free since Cozyco generates revenue through background checks, rental insurance, credit reports, and credit-processing fees, which allows it to provide service free instead of charging a monthly fee.

Bulidium is a Boston based mobile and web platform that is currently in use by more than 12,000 property management companies. Buildium offers accounting, payments, communication and marketing tools for property managers and landlords. It also offers a variety of resources for clients looking to improve their real estate skills. Educational tools are available such as news, informative video tutorials, guides, and even a cost saving calculator. Buildium has been on the Inc. 5000 List for Fastest Growing Private Companies from 2012 to 2017.

Appfolio Property Manager is based in Goleta, California, and offers software as a service app that gives property managers an automated system to manage their portfolios. This tool helps apartment, residential, commercial, student housing and community association property managers the ability to properly administer their business. These managers can handle payments, accounting, rental applications, communicating with tenants, maintenance requests and marketing. Pricing for the app varies according to how many units and types of units that the managers want to manage on the platform. Appfolio Property Manager is a public-traded company that started in 2006 and has grown due to its real estate software as well as its legal tech. These are just a few of the tools that are available out there for landlords and property managers to that can help them save time and generate more income.