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Peter Bubel

Real Estate | PANA Rentals

Peter Bubel has a long history in property management

and a particular interest in student housing. A graduate of Penn State himself with a B.S. in Finance, Peter created PANA Rentals to provide off-campus rentals to Penn State Berks Campus students and area residents. The company also provides multi-tiered property management services, covering everything from finding qualified tenants to developing marketing strategies. PANA Rentals has been active in Berks County since 1989, the year Peter purchased his first property and began to build his real estate portfolio.

Peter Bubel has ensured that PANA Rentals is a family-owned business to its core– PANA is an acronym combining each family member’s name. He works with his wife, Anita, and two daughters, Alyssa and Nina, to develop the business every day, positioning it as the ultimate source for single-family, multi-family, and corporate rentals. Peter Bubel uses his education in finance and a well-rounded business background to take care of the logistics behind renting, but he also emphasizes the importance of communication. Being able to connect with tenants and educate the local community on property management motivates Peter every day.

Peter Bubel understands that no two rentals are the same, so he offers a variety of services through PANA. Property management programs, such as showing property and negotiating terms and conditions, help owners monitor and pay bills, coordinate maintenance services, and more. Peter Bubel supports low-income housing and students who may be on limited budgets. He also sells and leases higher-end properties, such as commercial properties, condominiums, and storage units.

One of the most exciting aspects of Peter Bubel’s career is providing advisory services through PANA. Here he’s able to combine a number of his passions and provide unique, dynamic services that guide everyone, especially first-timers, toward the best and most stress-free property management. Peter utilizes his academic background in finance to provide advice on investing and breaking even analyses. He refers to his extensive career experience as a human resources director in order to problem-solve and coordinate relationships among owners, tenants and their neighbors. Finally, he uses his interest in marketing and networking to help owners find potential tenants/roommates and learn where to advertise their property.

Peter Bubel is inspired by his parents’ hard work ethic and dedication. He and his family continue to grow PANA Rentals as the premium rental source in the area.

Peter is passionate about educating and helping others

Education is an ongoing factor in Peter’s own life as well. He has a master’s degree in management and a master of business administration degree in finance from Penn State University and St. Joseph’s University, and has always had a passion for education and the very act of learning. Peter Bubel is interested in learning new solutions, connecting with other leaders in the real estate industry, and doing research. He has served on multiple housing committees and coalitions and is a Housing Advisory task force member at Penn State Berks Campus. In the interest of furthering the education of his community, Peter even occasionally presents seminars to the Berks County Chamber of Commerce. He is passionate about helping others draw the right conclusions and understand their options. He is proud of PANA’s ability to accommodate anyone and everyone and is always willing to go above and beyond for tenants and property owners.

Peter Bubel is also deeply involved in his community of Reading, Pennsylvania. As a man of faith, he is an active member of his local church, St. Peter’s United Church of Christ, located in West Lawn, Pennsylvania; here, he works closely with the church’s stewardship and budgeting committees. Peter diligently volunteers around his community as well – he volunteers with the Boy Scouts of America as well as the Reading Public Museum and the Children’s Home of Reading and participates in various local initiatives like Berks MINDCO (Minority Development Council). He has previously served as president and currently holds the position of Vice President for the Reading-Berks Habitat for Humanity where, during his tenure, Peter Bubel was responsible for overseeing the construction and completion of 30 low-income properties.

Peter travels, too

Although he certainly has enough to occupy his time at home, Peter Bubel likes to get out and see the world whenever he has the chance. Alongside his wife, Anita, and their daughters, Nina and Alyssa, he likes to explore new places and see new things outside of Reading. While the world offers a whole host of new sites and experiences for one to absorb, Peter is much more interested in all of the wonders right here in the United States. Whether he’s hiking a mountain somewhere, camping in a tent, or swimming in a lake, Peter loves exploring all regions of this nation.

Peter Bubel: IdeaMensch Interview

  • Don’t take shortcuts in life. Do the work; do things the right way.

  • I’ve found that, more than anything, persistence pays off. If you make a long-term plan for your future, commit to it.

  • Sometimes when something seems too good to be true, it’s because it really is. When it comes to business, stick to what you know.