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As a realtor, your online reputation is crucial to your success. One way to build and sustain a positive online presence is by asking for client reviews. Not only do reviews help attract new clients, but they also provide valuable feedback that can help you improve your services.  

Why Do Client Reviews Matter?

Client reviews provide social accountability regarding trustworthiness and reliability. Potential clients are likelier to choose a realtor with positive reviews than one without any. Reviews also help improve search engine rankings, making finding firms online easier for potential clients.

When to Ask for Client Reviews

The best time to request a client review is after a successful transaction or interaction, such as closing a deal, helping clients find their dream home, or even after a simple phone call. When the client is most satisfied with your services, they will leave a positive review.

How to Ask for Client Reviews

There are several ways to ask for client reviews. One of the easiest is through follow-up. Within emails thanking the client for their business, ask via a link to your review page. Links should also be easily accessible via your website and third-party review sites.

Another effective way to ask for reviews is by sending a personalized thank-you card or gift. This shows your appreciation for their business and creates a memorable experience they are likelier to share in a review.

Where to Ask for Client Reviews

Clients can leave reviews in various ways. Register and claim your business on third-party platforms to increase visibility and maintain control.

You can also add a review section or link to your review page through a website or email, making it easy for clients to leave a review and help improve your online reputation.

How to Make the Most of Client Reviews

All positive reviews should be showcased on websites and across social media channels. You can create a dedicated testimonials page on your website or include snippets of reviews on your homepage or service pages.

It’s also vital to respond to all feedback. Be sure to thank clients for their business and ask them for feedback. Thank clients who leave positive reviews and address any concerns raised in negative ones. This shows you value your clients’ feedback and are committed to improving your services.

Client review requests at the right time and in the right way can help attract new clients and improve your search engine ranking. By making the most of client reviews, you can build a positive online presence and establish yourself as a trusted and reliable realtor.