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Property managers have a lot on their plates, from filling vacant apartments to ensuring that tenants their rent on time to following up with maintenance requests. Technology has been able to make property managers lives much easier by eliminating a great deal of paperwork and streamlining many processes. Check out some of the best apps that all property managers should be using:


Available on: iPhone, Android, web

Price: $200 onboarding fee; $1 per month, per unit

This app should be a go to for property managers as it completely eliminates the need for paper applications, which saves time, energy, money, and the environment. AppFolio allows you to upload lease agreements to the app so that applicants can sign on their mobile device or computer, you can collect rent online and you can track maintenance requests all with the tough of a few buttons. Through this app you are able to post vacancy ads and therefore easily market available units. You can even post ads for apartments your own website and other rental websites such as and Zillow. Analytics are provided to allow you to track how well your marketing campaign is going. Another part of the app is resident screening, where you can easily see the payment history and credit score of all of your residents. AppFolio constantly updates their software.

Houzz App

Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android, web

Price: Free

If you are a property manager looking to renovate a room then you should check out Houzz App. It is an interior design app that allows you to look through photos that are grouped by style, room and location. You can also share images that you like with family, friends and design professionals. Another feature of the app allows you to easily find professionals in the industry, such as architects, interior designers, and home improvement contractors, who can help you with your project. There is also a discussion board where you can post your questions on for professionals and other users to answer for you.


Available on: iPhone, Android, web

Price: Free but you are charged 2.9% of your contribution when paying a group

This app allows you to collect money from a large group of people. There are two categories: either you’re trying to collect money from a group or you are a business interested in group payment. For property managers the latter is extremely helpful to collect money when there are roommates living together. Through the app you are able to see which tenant is paying what and it gives you the contact information for all of your tenants. When trying to collect money this app is a huge timesaver. Instead of having to go around and personally track down multiple roommates or leave them a paper notice, you can request money with a few clicks of a button.

Happy Inspector

Available on: iPhone, Android, web

Price: Solo Plan $45/month, Team Plan $65/month, Company Plan $95 per month

Happy Inspector is another app that allows you to eliminate paper from part of your job. This is a property inspection app that helps you cut down on the time that you spend creating inspection reports by up to 80%.

my Inventory Manager

Available on: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Price: Free

If your apartments come furnished or have anything in them that is passed from one tenant to the next then you need this app! My Inventory Manager allows you to keep track of all of the items on your properties, such as furniture and supplies. You are able to organize them easily by location, category, etc. By easily being able to track what belongs to you in each apartment you will be sure that a tenant doesn’t take anything with them that doesn’t belong to them when they move out.