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During the pandemic, it became more common for people to buy sight-unseen properties. Jesse Moss, a real-estate agent in New York, told Insider that he had sold multiple homes in Miami without ever meeting the buyers in person.

Many of the stories that buyers and sellers share about their experiences buying and selling in the market are familiar to seasoned real estate agents and buyers. However, with the rise of aggressive marketing and the increasing number of buyers and sellers, these seasoned professionals have learned a few things about navigating through the process.

The rise of video-chat technologies has become a permanent part of the real-estate market. Before the pandemic, some buyers used virtual mock-ups to view properties for sale. However, during the course of the pandemic, the practice of virtual attendance became more prevalent in various aspects of life.

When realtor Alessa Bleau decided to move to North Carolina from New York, she needed a showing via video call. However, she relied on Matterport to help her find a home. Through the platform, she was able to view a 3D model of her future home and measure its space.

Virtual showings are usually conducted by the realtor, who holds the camera. However, buyers need to work with the real estate agent who they trust to remove the clutter from the frame.

Barry Weiss of the Sea Coast Advantage Real Estate firm said that he would do whatever it took to give his clients a full view of the properties they’re looking at.

He said that his clients are more likely to rely on him for their home inspection due to the non-refundable deposits that are typically involved in buying a property. Besides the quality of the appliances, other factors such as the mold and smell can also be taken into account when it comes to the inspection.

When Meg Chapham bought her 1926 Spanish Tudor home in California, she enlisted the help of her neighbors and friends to help her find a home.

Through a neighbor, the kids and family were able to connect with the sellers of their home. They were able to get in early and put their house on the market. After two years, Chapham fell in love with her home. She also developed a close relationship with the sellers.

While it’s a risk to buy a home sight-unseen, it’s also a calculated risk. Having the right resources and realtor can help you find the perfect home.

In North Carolina, realtor Barry Weiss was able to successfully sell multiple homes sight-unseen. However, he had a client who lost a deposit due to her change of mind.

After viewing the house on video, she became more uncomfortable because of the potential hazards that could occur during a hurricane. Even though he and his partner had pointed out the issue with the water under the house, it was only after she accepted her offer that she realized that she wasn’t comfortable with it.

Buyers who know their boundaries are more likely to be satisfied with a home that’s sight-unseen. According to journalist Joe Selinger, he enjoys reading about real estate and has a good understanding of the various factors that can affect a transaction.