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As a property manager, you will want to make sure that your tenants are happy and safe as they enter the holiday and winter season. Roofs, electrical, and plumbing system can be quite vulnerable during the colder season. Below you will find a few precautions that you can take for your tenants this season.

Ensure Your Tenants Are Safe 

Christmas trees are one of the most common causes of accidents during the holiday season. To protect your tenants, install GFCI Outlets which will shut off electric power if it notices an imbalance between the outgoing and incoming current. This will help reduce the chance of a fire occurring due to electrical issues.

Install Fire Alarms 

Fire alarms should be replaced about every10 years. Be sure that your tenant’s alarms are up to date and working properly. Check the installation date and replace the alarms that have expired.

Clean All Rain Gutters

During the winter season, be sure to keep gutter clean. Not only does it prevent proper water drainage, but a clogged gutter can cause problems at the foundational level.

Defrost Frozen Pipes 

Water pipes can become frozen when exposed to colder temperatures. Take preventive measures by shutting off the water to the outdoor system and don’t forget to drain the faucets. Doing all of this will help to lessen your chance of a pipe bursting.

Double Check that the Heat is Working 

As a landlord or property, it is your responsibility to make sure that your tenants stay warm throughout the holidays and winter. Some states will have specific temperature requirements that the property manager will have to meet, but regardless as a property manager, you should ensure that the heat is in working condition.