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For most landlords, showing properties has undoubtedly become a challenging task on account of the Covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, adhering to social distancing and sanitation guidelines has made showing properties a lot harder for landlords. However, the good news is that there are a lot of rental properties showing alternatives that property owners can use to conduct showings during the pandemic. On that premise, the following article presents ways to host better showings during today’s pandemic.

A photo gallery tour

One of the most basic ways to attract potential clients is to display the rental property through high-definition images. Although photo gallery tours provide clients with a one-dimensional view, high-quality photos are still considered the first best step to attract potential clients to the property.

Video walkthrough tours

With the help of a smartphone or a video camera, property owners can move through the property room by room to create a virtual walkthrough tour for their potential clients. Many listing sites give property owners the chance to upload videos and use narration to focus on the various amenities provided on the rental property. 

Interactive floor plan tours

Interactive floor plan tours are a great way to mix the rental property’s floorplan and the still photos. This option gives potential clients the chance to navigate the property to see pictures of the different areas.

Panoramic tours

A panoramic tour is a modern and professional way that utilizes short panning videos or a series of pictures that gives an unbroken view of the unit. Panoramic tours are certainly a great way to showcase an entire area of the unit to potential clients.

In-person showings

When it comes to in-person showings, it is imperative to ensure that maintaining everyone’s safety is priority number one. That said, landlords who want to conduct in-person showings should research any state