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Residents of large condo or apartment communities often use the same online system to pay rent, report issues and follow the latest news in the area. While this type of system is a great way to streamline everything for the entire community, it can also be potentially dangerous if the right precautions are not made. All it takes is for one person to access the system from a corrupted phone or computer to put everyone’s data at risk. These are the four things you must teach your residents about online safety.

Make Strong Passwords

Your residents need to make a strong password to access your system. This password should not be used anywhere else. The best way to make a strong password is by including uppercase letters, numbers and special symbols. Doing all of this should make it extremely difficult for criminals to crack the password and gain access to personal information.

Never Leave Devices

Your residents may be tempted to leave their laptop unattended in the common areas of the community to grab a drink or go to the bathroom. This is extremely risky behavior even if you are surrounded by a group of friendly neighbors. Leaving the devices unattended gives someone ample opportunity to gain secret information through the computer. It is also a good idea to never leave electronic devices in the car at any time.

Don’t Click Strange Links

A popular way online criminals corrupt devices is by sending phishing emails. These emails are designed to look legitimate, and they often say you need to change something on a personal account. The email will contain a link to a fake website that lets the criminal steal private information. Legitimate companies never send emails with direct links to help you access your account, so this is always a guaranteed sign of a scam.

Use Security Software

There are so many threats online right now that everyone needs to have security software installed on their devices. This software will scan for viruses and other threats at all times. If a problem is detected, the security software will stop it before installing on the device. It is now possible to get this important software for free, so there is no excuse for refusing to use it.