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As we head further into 2020, the investment opportunities are well underway. From the east to the west coast, new properties are popping up every day with neighborhoods on the rise. Check out the best places to buy an investment property in 2020:

Dallas, Texas

This famous city has one of the most dynamic economies in the United States and is home to leading industries. Dallas is a bustling city with incredible opportunities, especially for property investors. It shows amazing promise thanks to its growing economy, large population growth, and job opportunity.

North Charleston, South Carolina

A historical coastal town, Nother Charleston tourism has become one of the largest industries for the area. There are many job markets with a great opportunity, making unemployment rates of this town very low. This makes the town the perfect place to invest in property and make an easy profit. 

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis has always been known as one of the best places to invest in property. The year 2020 is no different thanks to the city’s diversified economy and job market with growth in the education, health care, and finance sectors. It has a strong job market and is a super affordable and lively city to live in.

Amarillo, Texas

This small but quickly rising city may be the best place to invest in real estate for 2020. First a quiet ranching city, now a grand area with an expansion in multiple job sectors. The surge of new population and job growth has brought unemployment nearly 1% below the national average and a high median rental rate, this is the best place to buy an investment property in 2020.