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Renting out your property to tenants can come with its pros and cons. It can be a very lucrative decision to buy and rent out a property, but the major setback comes when moving from tenant to tenant. For those who are lucky, they’ll find a replacement in no time at all. But this also means having less time to clean up from the last tenant. Here are a few helpful tips on cleaning up between tenants:

Always Keep Pictures

Right before the tenant moves in and right after they leave, it’s important to take as many photos of the property as possible. This will help settle any discretion over what damage belonged to them and what was there beforehand. It also helps keep track of what to subtract from their security deposit which is your starting cleanup fund when they move out. 

Check Out the Utilities 

After a tenant leaves, take a detailed look at all of the utilities in the apartment. There’s a chance a tenant failed to tell you something was no longer working in fear that they would have to pay for it. When they move out, check the light switches, faucets, and stove to make sure it all works. Then, ensure that all utility accounts are shut down the day that they leave. If their accounts are still live and the electricity stays on, you’ll be the one to pay for it even if the account is under their name. If they no longer live there, they do not have to pay for it.

Paint the Walls

A fresh coat of paint is a refreshing look for an apartment. Even if the walls weren’t ruined by the last tenant, a new coat can make the property more appealing. It’s also good to start with a clean slate if there is damage to the walls. This way, you will know for certain that any new damage that was done was due to the new tenant.