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Some people are reluctant to hire a property manager because they might not be able to provide the same level of care for their property as the owner. This can be a massive disruption to a business. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to know for sure that a property manager will be a good fit for your company. However, several characteristics can be used to evaluate a potential property manager.

1. Proven Track Record

Before hiring a property manager, ask them a series of questions to understand their experience and track record. They should also be able to answer basic questions such as how many properties they have managed previously, their knowledge of local laws, and their ability to turn around troubled properties. This will help ensure they at least know the basics.

2. Resilient

A successful property manager should be able to handle the stress of managing a complex property with patience. They should also be able to manage the expectations of their clients and contractors. When interviewing a property manager, make sure that the candidate has the necessary skills to handle stressful situations and complaints. Also, ensure that they have the actual sales and customer service experience. This will help them maintain positive relationships with tenants and contractors.

3. Organized

Proper organizational skills are also crucial for property managers as they will be responsible for managing multiple tasks simultaneously. This can be very taxing on a person’s time. During an interview, ask the candidate how they keep their head in the game when it comes to managing multiple tasks simultaneously.

4. Adaptable

Unfortunately, things go wrong in the property management industry. This is why the candidate must have the necessary skills to handle the various issues that can arise. One of the essential qualities that a property manager should have is the ability to be adaptable. If the interview is scheduled on short notice, consider rescheduling it or showing up late. Doing these little tests can help you understand how the candidate would respond to a change in schedule.

5. Invested

Before hiring a property manager, make sure that they will provide the same level of care for your property as the owner. Having an investor mindset is also crucial as it will help them understand how to make the most of their investment. Having an investor mindset helps a property manager visualize the big picture and make important decisions regarding their property. It also allows them to make informed decisions regarding their business.