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There are many different blogs that provide good information on property management. Anyone can visit these sites to acquire more knowledge and content of high quality. Here is a list of some of the blogs that might help;

All Property Management

All property management is one of the wide-ranging grids offering services on property management on the internet. Their aim is to provide resources for property owners who want to turn their property holdings into profitable investments. To achieve this aim, they bridge the real estate owners with property management companies that will help them with handling investments. For individuals who want to do more research, the blog has more interesting articles.

Real Property Management

Real property management has existed since the 1980s and has evolved to be one of the biggest property management organizations in the country. Their blog offers services to individuals that include tips, advice, trends on management, and articles based on varying unique topics.

Bigger Pockets

Bigger Pockets blog offers information for both landlords and rental real estate owners. The site has webinars, podcasts, forums, and guides for new investors. The resources that Bigger Pockets officers can be great if you’re an ongoing investor who wants to improve their finances. They also allow people to write in questions, which they’ll answer on the website for all viewers to check out.

Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct is a company that deals with property management software. It’s located in Grants Pass, Oregon. Their blog has many different articles based on topics, and most asked questions in the industry, for landlords.


Landlordology is a resourceful site with informative content for property managers, estate renters, and landlords. Their blog assists individuals in understanding the state rules on property management.

Spark Rental

Spark rental is an automated property software for landlords. Their blog helps landlords and owners to collect rent, get lease agreements, buy and manage rental properties, and communicate with renters all through the internet. They also offer courses to help landlords learn how to use all of the software.

Green Residential

Green residential is a property management company based out of Houston, Texas. Their blog features almost 50 different real estate and property management topics to choose from and can often be extremely informative for property managers and investors alike.