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Being a property manager is no easy job. There are constantly developments to stay on top of as well as having a good understanding of the real estate industry. A great way to be sure you’re an expert property manager is by reading books on the subject. Many of the property management field’s smartest minds have written books in hopes of sharing their own knowledge and experience with others, so here are a few you should check out. 

The Property Management Tool Kit – Mike Beirne

Mike Beirne understands how many different things a property manager needs in their back pocket and chooses to deliver it all in one wonderful book. The Property Management Tool Kit  is a comprehensive guide to being a property manager that includes tips that anyone in the industry can make use of such as going about how to increase the value of a rental property, how to resolve tenant issues, and how to handle cash flow.

Fair Housing: A Guidebook for Owners and Managers of Apartments – The Compass Group

If you’re not too sure about the legal side of being a property manager, Fair Housing is the book for you. This book dives into the concepts that revolve around fair housing and is likely the best book out there when it comes to simplifying each aspect of the topic. The book covers issues such as linguistic profiling, considerations for domestic violence victims and considerations for non citizens. Be sure to pick up the latest edition, as this book has been updated with new information over the years.

Managing Rental Properties: Beginners Guide to Maximize Profits – Cameron Malone

If you’re new to being a property manager, this is likely the best book to check out so you can grow your skill set. Managing Rental Properties is jam packed with information that will help you become a bigger and better property manager, ensuring your tenants are happy and you’re getting the most out of your investments. A few examples of what you’ll learn reading this book include the obligations that property managers must uphold, any necessary legal documents and how to go about the move-in and move-out process.