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Curb appeal is a fundamental part of real estate that landlords should turn their attention to in the rental property. Landowners focus on landscaping during summer to create an attractive environment that will lure prospective renters into taking the property. A well-landscaped environment will make renters comfortable and enjoy their stay. Below are tips to keep your property at its best during summer.

Water your grass

During summer, the grass can dry very fast if taken care of. A landowner needs to look for ways to maintain that green color. Watering the lawn in the morning can enhance the grass’s appearance. It is not advisable to water in the afternoon because water evaporates quickly. Roots absorb moisture properly in the morning. Create a schedule of when watering should be done for consistency. The type of grass determines how much water is required for sustainability. Consulting lawn care professionals will give you more insights into the grass requirement.

Regular mowing

Regular mowing makes the environment appealing and tidy. For a large property, hire professional mowers to do the job. Create a routine when the mowing is can be done to ensure the grass is always at its best. When you have tenants, it’s important to alert them when the process takes place for them to plan accordingly. If you’re the one mowing, consultation is essential to keep the grass to a specific length to resist pests, weeds, and fight drought. During summer, it is advisable to keep the grass between 1 to 2 inches.

Cut dangling limbs, trim shrubs, and trees

Thunderstorms are common during summer. Cut down trees and dangling limbs that may pose a threat to the property when they fall. It would be best if you also clear shrubs and bushes around the property to prevent pests and termites from inhabiting. When an environment is clean and clear, it will good air circulation and minimal risk of burglars.

Plant trees and shrubs that are drought tolerant

Some flowers, trees, and shrubs are sustainable during the summer season. These plants can conserve water and perform well. These plants are of low maintenance, and you don’t need to water them. Perennial flowers are better than the annual ones for your lawn.

During the summer months, lawn care can be challenging, but considering the highlighted tips can help keep the rental property appealing. A well-kept property maintains the current tenants and attracts future renters.