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Over one-third of households in the United States are rented, and the market isn’t shrinking any time soon. As more and more young people start searching for a place to rent, the demand for modern services will continue to increase. Most notably, renters want the option to pay online. After all, they can pay for almost anything else online, so why shouldn’t they be able to pay their rent that way? If you want to broaden your property’s appeal but aren’t sure of what to expect, then check out these three major benefits of online rent payment.


First and foremost, online rent payment is convenient for everyone involved. There’s no need to rush to the bank to cash a check, so you won’t have to start your car, go outside, and wait in line just to access your money. Furthermore, many online payment services make the funds available more quickly than a traditional check deposit.

Reliability and Honesty

Online rent payment services generate receipts for each party so that landlords and tenants have immediate proof of payment. On top of that, there is no worrying about checks being lost in the mail, and online payments keep everyone honest. Landlords can’t deny that the month’s payment was received, and renters can’t lie about sending a payment. It’s a win-win situation.


The Covid-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm, so it’s extremely important to limit social contact and avoid spreading germs. As it is, the traditional method of sending a check can be extremely unsanitary, and it’s especially risky during a global pandemic. First, the tenant puts their hands all over the check to mark it up and sign it. Then, they have to touch the envelope as they put the address on it and shove the check into the box, and there’s a good chance that they have to lick the glue to seal the envelope.

From there, it is handled by multiple postal workers, and although they’re supposed to wash their hands, there is no guarantee. After that, you have to open it, take it to the bank, be around strangers in public, and touch a bunch of door handles in the process. This is risky enough in a regular flu season, and it’s especially alarming in a global pandemic. By using online rent payment services, you can stay safe and sanitary while receiving your money more conveniently than ever before.